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Becky Kinslow

 a photo of Becky

First Grade Teacher
Intern at NASA Ames Research Center

Who I Am

I am a first grade teacher at an elementary school here in the Bay Area. I recently completed all of my classes to get my Masters in Instructional Technology. As part of my Masters Program I have the opportunity to do an internship here at NASA Ames Research Center. Here at NASA, I am working with the Aerospace Team Online web pages, and it has been a blast learning html and designing pages for their online site.

My Career Path

My career journey began while I was in elementary school. I loved school and would spend hours playing with my friends. I wanted to be a lot of different things while I was growing up, but a teacher was always one of them. When I graduated from high school, I enrolled at Whitworth College which is well known in the Pacific Northwest for having a great education department. I received an excellent education and was able to work in different elementary classrooms from the beginning of my college career. After college, I came back to California to teach. I love teaching all of my students, and fee l very fortunate that I love to go to work everyday!

As part of my continuing education as a teacher, I decided to get my Masters Degree. I enrolled at San Jose State University so that I could pursue my interest in computers and teaching. That is how I ended up here at NASA for the summer. I am using my teaching and technology skills as I work with the Aerospace Team Online web pages.

Why I Like My Job

I like my job because no two days are ever the same. I love watching students learn, and I feel lucky that I get to take part in that process. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, be prepared to work long hours preparing lessons, decorating your classrooms, doing paper work, and having a blast with your students.


I have a wonderful family that has supported and encouraged me in all that I have done. My parents always believe in me and tell me how proud they are of me. Their faith in me and their unconditional love has helped me to set and reach my goals!


I love to have fun! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, rock climbing, reading, watching movies, and anything else that sounds interest ing!


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