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a photo of Gary Hatfield

Gary Hatfield, Transportation Specialist

Hello! I am William Gary Hatfield and I was born September 25, 1952. I was born and raised in Tennessee and graduated from high school in 1969.

I went into the Navy after graduation. I was in Vietnam and got out in 1971. I then went to college and got an Associate Degree in Horticulture. I served in the Army in 1976 to 1978. When I got out, I went back to doing horticulture work with my brother. I guess I didn't like the work as well as I thought, so I sold out to my brother and went out and began as a trucker. I like to see all the country.

I am divorced and have a daughter who is 15 years old and her name is Laura. I work for American Red Ball Movers on a truck owned by Lenny Riegel. Our "Boss" is Mugsy Malone, a Chinese Pug dog (owned by Lenny).

Back in April, we were able to move a replica of the Wright brother's airplane up the coast of California ­ from the Los Angeles area to NASA Moffet Field (near San Jose). We stopped at some schools along the way and we enjoyed visiting with all you kids out there! Maybe we can do this trip again some day.

Bye for now!



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