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Emeritus Members of Aerospace Team Online

Here is where you can find the autobiographies of people who have been part of Aerospace Team Online but for one reason or another are no longer participating.

Aeronautics Management and Administration

David Picasso, Deputy Director of Aeronautics
Mark E. Kilkenny, Program Planning Specialist

Aerodynamics Design: improving aircraft performance, designing new concepts, and new technologies using research tools like wind tunnels and computer programs for the US aerospace industry.

Opal Lemmer, Retired Software Group Leader
Ken Schrock, Data Communications Engineer

Aeronautical Test and Simulation operating, maintaining and developing wind tunnel and simulation facilities for research scientists, aircraft designers, human factors engineers, pilots and others to study the operation and flight of today's aircraft.

Paul Askins, Test Engineer
Gavin Botha, Aerospace Engineer
Curt Boyce, Software Development Lead
Anne Corwin, Engineering Aide
George Fenton,Instrument Engineer
Kathleen Fikentscher, Test Engineer
Precioso Gabrillo, Applications Support Programmer
Phillip Luan, Mechanical Engineer
Ross Shaw, Wind Tunnel Test Engineer


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