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The What's in the News team is working to bring the excitement of Neurolab into classrooms across the United States. What's in the News has produced eight segments that are incorporated into the weekly 15-minute instructional television series. The segments were shot at the Johnson Space Center in Houston and in other locations.

    One segment, hosted by Astronaut Jim Pawelczyk, provides an overview of the Neurolab mission.

    Three segments focus on some of the people "behind the scenes" at NASA whose professions are critical to the success of Neurolab. Specifically, What's in the News features a nutritionist, a meteorologist, and an aerospace engineer.

    The remaining four segments demonstrate simple experiments that illustrate principles or theories that will be investigated on Neurolab.

Program content and scheduling

Program information follows with the dates of release by the producers. Each PBS station and school district airs the program at different dates and times. For information on where What's in the News can be viewed in your area or for information on how to subscribe to What's in the News, call their toll free number at 1-888-367-WITN.

What's in the News was distributed via satellite, videotape, broadcast, and cable to viewers in 36 states and in Iceland as part of the national instructional television schedule.

Science Kit Supplements

To supplement these segments, What's in the News offers science kits to teachers who want to duplicate the experiments in their classrooms. The kits contain complete instructions on how to do the experiments and a list of questions to be answered by the experimenters and returned to What's in the News. The data collected from the young scientists will be forwarded to selected schools where middle school-aged students will analyze, graph, and report on the results.

Assuming the mission launches on schedule, What's in the News will then produce a special feature program reviewing the mission and the student involvement with it.

To receive your Science Kit, call WITN toll free at 1-888-367-WITN or write to:

    Experiment Kit
    What's in the News
    Wagner Annex
    University Park, PA 16802

what's in the news logo For information more about the What's in the News series, please call toll free, 1-888-367-WITN.

Visit WITN at their own site.

Ordering videotapes

VHS videotapes of the What's in the News, NeurOn broacasts be ordered directly from the Penn State Media Sales:
    Ordering information, including an online form may be found at:

    The 7 broadcasts are combined in one video. The information you need in order to place your request is:
      Title: Neurolab
      Stock Number: 98001
      Category: Education, K-12
      Price: $39.00


    or contact them at:

      Penn State Media Sales
      118 Wagner Building
      University Park, PA 16802
      email: mediasales@cde.psu.edu

An additional Neurolab Feature was aired May 14, l998 and when will be added here when available.

The Neurolab segments of What's in the News are produced in collaboration with NASA's Life Science Division (NASA Headquarters) through its Space Life Sciences Outreach Program with Penn State's WPSX-TV. What's in the News is a series of nationally distributed space-sciences TV programs for 4th-12th graders. All tapes are NTSC, with educational non-broadcast rights for life of tape.


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