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Index of Field Journals

June 11, l998, Presentation to NASA Ames Research Center, STS-90 Crew

May 26, l998, Cage Clean-up, Not too bad in good company!, Linda Conrad

May 22, l998, Some memory snap shots from KSC, Brad Berch

May 7, l998, Home (far!) away from home, Katie O'Toole

May 4, l998, Reflections before I close out, Chris Barreras

May 3, l998, STS-90 Landing Picture Perfect & Gators Roar!, Brad Berch

April 30, l998, Coming soon to a life near you...!, Stefan Rosner

April 30, l998, Here are more picts... , Ray Oyung

April 30, l998, Post-launch monitoring in the TMA, Linda Conrad

April 29, l998, A much quieter Outback, Alan Wood

April 25, l998, Throwing yourself into your work!, Steve Sokol

April 22, l998, Neurolab is On It's Way! Now, It's Time for "Sleep", Rob Kuczajda

April 21, l998, After the launch: What's happening now?, Louis Ostrach

April 21, l998, Sleeping in space, Ray Oyung

April 21, 1998, My tour of the Neurolab mockup, Lori Keith

April 17, 1998, The launch from Banana Creek!, Darlene Conrad

April 14, l998, Projects for the International Space Station Keeping Me Busy, Liz Bauer

April 7-17, 1998, NeurOn at the Launch, Linda Conrad

April 1, 1998, What's up with B.J. this week and next!!!, B.J. Navarro

March 30, l998, Watching Columbia at rollout, Alan Wood

March 27, l998, If at first you don't succeed, ..., Stefan Rosner

March 24, l998, Some final thoughts as the mission approaches, Chris Barreras

March 20, 1998, But is it sterile?, Linda Conrad
March 20, 1998, It's sterile (and it's not bad tasting either!), Linda Conrad

March 10, 1998 B.J.'s Houston Trip, B.J. Navarro

March 5, 1998, Tying up loose ends for the BIG DAY, Chris Barreras

March 3, l998, Where's B.J.? A letter home from "the front", B.J. Navarro

February 17, 1998, It's safe to stop by my office again!, Tracy Gill

February 17, 1998, All you ever wanted to know about waste trays and more, Linda Conrad

February 7, 1998, Simulations and sleeping on the job, Dave Williams

January 29, l998: Finishing Touches to RAHF as Excitement Builds, Chris Barreras

January 28, l998: A typical day for a knowledge engineer, Dennis Michael Heher

January 27, 1998: My trip to Kennedy Space Center, Chris Barreras

January 23, l998: The next best thing to diamond earrings, Katie O'Toole

January 20, 1998, Good Nutrition Essential for Astronauts, Janis Davis-Street

January 20, 1998, Demonstrating that science is fun, Dave Williams

January 15, l998: RAHF Pictures and Repair, Chris Barreras

January 12, 1998: The pace builds as we move into the "Prime Crew" spot, Dave Williams

January 9, l998: Dotting our i's and crossing our t's before shipping, Chris Maese

January 9, l998: Spacelab Tour 1998, Tracy Gill

December 31, 1997: Part 1: Term papers do have a purpose!, Chris Barreras
December 31, 1997: Part 2: More About RAHFs, Chris Barreras

December 30, l997: Practicing space walking underwater, Dave Williams

December 20, l997: Kennedy Space Center (KSC) for Level III/II IVT and ICT activities
December 20, l997: Images from previous visits to KSC, Stefan Rosner

December 18, l997: Heading to User Room A? Let's talk on the way..., Brandt Secosh

December 12, l997: E-132 Experiment Hardware Testing in the Spacelab Module , Brad Berch

December 10, l997: More photos taken during training, Dave Williams

November 30, 1997: Experiencing 0-gravity aboard KC-135, Stefan Rosner

November 18, l997: Suiting up for Neurolab, Dave Williams

November 12, 1997: (Part 1): Shew! It's Not Easy to Keep This Up for Three Weeks!, Tracy Gill
November 12, 1997: (Part 2): Neurolab Test Success and a little Nostalgia, Tracy Gill

September 3, l997: Spacelab: The Final Mission, Robert Kuczajda

August 1997: Astronauts in training, a photo journal

Note: NeurOn content contains individually submitted responses and these submissions represent the opinions of those project participants. While the NeurOn staff exercises editorial control, the inclusion of personal observations and opinions in the website does not constitute their endorsement by NASA.


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