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The Men and Women of the NeurOn Team

Read about day-to-day and special activities in a series of Field Journals.

Mission Organization and Development

NASA Headquarters
Larry Chambers, Life Sciences Program Manager
Mary Anne Frey, Program Scientist
David Liskowsky, Program Scientist/Neurolab Special Projects Scientist
James F. McGuire, Neurolab Mission Program Manager

Ames Research Center
A.Chris Maese, Payload Project Manager
Thomas C. Howerton, ARC Payload Project Scientist
Louis H. Ostrach, ARC Project Scientist
Kenneth Souza, Chief, Life Sciences Division
photo of ames team with payloads crew members
Ames Team poses with payloads crew members.
Click on image to see full sized

Johnson Space Center
Melvin Buderer, Payload Project Scientist
Jerry L. Homick, Mission Scientist
Suzanne McCollum, JSC Payload Project Manager for Neurolab
Katherine (Lele) E. Newkirk, Mission Manager

STS-90 Flight Preparation

Payload Engineering Support
Liz Bauer, Hardware Engineer
Dennis Chamberland , NASA Bioengineer
Paul Espinosa, Project Engineer, Hardware Development
Tracy Gill, Experiment Processing Lead Engineer
Ed Houston, Mechanical Engineer
Robert Kuczajda, Experiment Processing Engineer
José Limardo, Hardware Project Engineer
David Mayer, Lead Mechanical Engineer
Angel Plaza, Payload Project Engineering Manager
Stefan Rosner, Payload Systems Engineer

Payload Operations Support and Integration
Christopher Barreras, Payloads Engineer
Brad Berch, Integrated Process Team Lead
Kerry Brown, Technician
Jerry James, Spacesuit Technician
Rich McKenna, Operations Lead
BJ Navarro, Stowage Manager
Lorenzo Salcedo, Temporary Technician
Scott Stehle, Crew Training
Marilyn Vasques, Logistics Operations Manager
Cecilia Wigley, System Safety, Reliability & Quality Assurance Lead
Angela Wray, Payload Operations Manager
Bruce Yost, Payloads Operations Supervisor

photo of ops team

Payload Science Support
Joe Bielitzki, NASA Chief Veterinary Officer
Bonnie Dalton, Life Sciences Division Deputy Chief
Erin Genovese, Experiment Support Scientist
Deborah L. Harm, Senior Scientist and Head of the Neuroscience Laboratories
Phil Lane, Payload Scientist and Systems Analyst for the Electronic Data Collection System
Angie Lee, Experiment Systems Manager
Joanne Maceo, Project Manager, Office of Science and Flight Experiments
Ray Oyung, Research Coordinator, Fatigue Countermeasures Program
Erica Wagner, Experiment Support Scientist / Microbiology Coordinator
Mary Williams, Animal Care Facility Project Manager/Operations Supervisor

Data Management Support:
Dennis Michael Heher, Knowledge Engineer
Jeffrey Smith, Ames Biocomputation Center Deputy Director
Alan Wood, Data Systems Specialist

Crew and Flight Preparation:
Jon Blitch, Lead Shuttle Systems Inspector
Janis Davis-Street, Nutritionist
Steve Sokol, Lead Forecaster, Space Meteorology Group
Karina Shook, Aerospace Technologist

Scientist and Researchers study the reactions of astronauts, plants and animals to the space environment in order to understand the effects of spaceflight on their biology.

The Autonomic Nervous System Team will examine the effects of microgravity on the regulatory systems in humans, as well as the consequences of autonomic nervous system adaptation following return from flight.
Friedhelm Baisch, Principal Investigator for Artificial Neural Networks and Cardiovascular Regulation
Gunnar Blomqvist Principal Investigator for Frames of Reference and Internal Models
Dwain L. Eckberg, Principal Investigator for Autonomic Neuroplasticity in Weightlessness
David Robertson, Principal Investigator for Autonomic Neurophysiology in Microgravity

The Sensory Motor and Performance Team will study the alteration in perception of objects and motion and the effects on performance in the absence of gravitational reference.

Alain Berthoz, Principal Investigator for Frames of Reference and Internal Models
Otmar BockPrincipal Investigator for Visuo-Motor Coordination during Space flight
Charles M. Oman, Principal Investigator for Roles of Visual Cues in Microgravity Spatial Orientation

The Sleep Team will evaluate the altered sleep patterns of crewmembers during space flight.
Charles A. Czeisler, Principal Investigator for Clinical Trial of Melatonin as Hypnotic for Neurolab Crew
David Neri, Co-Investigator for Clinical Trial of Melatonin as Hypnotic for Neurolab Crew
John B. West, Principal Investigator for Sleep and Respiration in Microgravity

The Vestibular Team will study the disorientation that results from conflicting information being provided by the visual and vestibular systems.
Bernard Cohen, Principal Investigator for Spacial Orientation of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex
G. Clement

The Neurobiology Team will examine the influence of environment on the development of sensory organs and their connections to the central nervous system.
Eberhard R. Horn, Principal Investigator for Development of an Insect Gravity Sensory System in Space.

The Aquatic Team will study the development of vestibular functions (sensory structure for detecting gravity) and how they function in microgravity using snails, swordtail fish and toadfish.
Stephen HighsteinPrincipal Investigator for Chronic Recording of Otolith Nerves in Microgravity
Michael Wiederhold, Development of Vestibular Organs in Microgravity

The Mammalian Development Team is studying the effects of microgravity on developing, maturing neural pathways.
Kenneth M. Baldwin, Principal Investigator for Neural-Thyroid Interaction on Skeletal Isomyosin Expression
Rodolfo Llinas, Co-Investigator for Effects of Gravity on Postnatal Motor Development
Richard Nowakowski, Principal Investigator for Reduced Gravity Effects in the Developing Nervous System
Jacqueline Raymond, Principal Investigator for Microgravity and Development of Vestibular Circuits
Danny Riley, Principal Investigator for The Effects of Microgravity on Neuromuscular Development
Tsuyoshi Shimizu, Principal Investigator for Development of the Aortic Baroreflex under Conditions of Microgravity
Kerry Walton, Principal Investigator for Effects of Gravity on Postnatal Motor Development
Dr. K. Kosik

The Adult Neuronal Plasticity Team will study the ability of neurons in adult animals to compensate for the new environment in microgravity.
Charles Fuller, Principal Investigator for CNS Control of Rhythms and Homeostasis during Space Flight
Tana M. Hoban-Higgins, Co-Investigator, Control of Rhythms and Homeostasis during Space Flight
Bruce McNaughton, Principal Investigator for Ensemble Neural Coding of Place and Direction in Zero-G
Ottavio Pompeiano, Principal Investigator, Effects of Microgravity on Gene Expression in the Brain
Muriel Ross, Principal Investigator for Multidisciplinary Studies of Neural Plasticity in Space
G. Holstein

Educational Outreach Programs provide opportunities for students to learn about and work within the space program.

Duncan Atchison, Life Sciences Outreach Office
Eric Chudler, Neuroscience Researcher
Rosalind A. Grymes, Outreach Program Manager for Life Sciences
Kristi Gustafson, Second/Third Grade Multi-age Teacher
NeurOn ExPress Team
Katie O'Toole, Writer and On-Air Host for "What's In The News"
Bethany Sefchick, Associate Producer/Director for "What's In The News"
Susan Tilley, Project Supervisor for SpaceLife ExPress
Wally Welker, Neurobiologist

Neurolab Crew Members: As the crew will be involved in training, they will not be available for this project. We have linked to their biographies on the Johnson Space Center server for your convenience.

Richard A. Searfoss, Commander
Scott D. Altman, Pilot
Kathryn "Kay" Hire, Mission Specialist
Richard M. Linnehan, Mission Specialist
Dafydd "Dave" Rhys Williams, Mission Specialist (CSA)
Jay C. Buckey, Payload Specialist
James A. Pawelczyk, Payload Specialist
Alexander W. Dunlap, Alternate Payload Specialist
Chiaki Mukai, (NASDA), Alternate Payload Specialist

autographed photo of sts-90 crew

Note: The people listed above are those who agreed to participate in NeurOn. There are many more people who comprise the overall Shuttle team. NeurOn content contains individually submitted responses and these submissions represent the opinions of those project participants. While the NeurOn staff exercises editorial control, the inclusion of personal observations and opinions in the website does not constitute their endorsement by NASA.


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