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Meet: Kristi Gustafson

Second/Third Grade Multi-age Teacher

photo of kristi gustafson

What I do:

My name is Kristi Gustafson (my students call me "Ms. G.") and I am a second/third grade multi-age teacher in the Shoreline School District located in Seattle, Washington.

I have worked with Dr. Chudler for the past 3 years promoting Brain Awareness Week. He has taught my students many new things about the brain. They especially like his experiments! We were so excited to share our learnings with you!

I LOVE MY PROFESSION!!! I have been teaching for 7 years and look forward to each school day! I came from a family of educators and I knew I always wanted to be a teacher. I LOVE LEARNING! As a teacher I get to explore the world and learn new things everyday! Learning is powerful! My students leave my classroom with a passion to become enthusiastic life-long learners.

Preparation for Career

As a child, I loved to read (My favorite books were The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Gone with the Wind), play with friends, travel with my family, participate in sports like tennis, swimming, and basketball, go to church activities, and listen to music. All of these activities helped prepare me for my teaching career!

Personal information

As an adult, I still love to read, play with my friends, travel (I've been to 47 states, Africa, Central America, India, Europe, Thailand, Mexico), participate in sports like tennis, golf, aerobics and running (I ran in the 100th Boston Marathon), go to church (I cherish my Bible study group) and listen to music (James Taylor is my favorite singer!)!

My goal for the future is to live everyday to the fullest! I would like to travel to Russia, the Middle East (Holy Lands), China, and Peru, become the BEST teacher I can be, and someday get married and have my own children!!

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Brain Awareness Week


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