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Teachers' Lounge


Connecting with other Teachers

Web chats: A place for live interactions with other teachers: some scheduled, some not. This should not be confused with expert chats.

Discussion list for teachers is available on the Web for teachers to discuss a wide variety of issues surrounding Quest projects

Online Mailing Lists Sign up here for any of the various maillists available to stay in touch with the NeurOn project through email.

What Teachers Think Comments received from teachers by an independent survey conducted by Classroom of the Future.

NeurOn Lesson Plans

STELLAR Activities for the K-14 Classroom developed by the STELLAR Program at NASA Ames Research Center in Collaboration with UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. Lessons include the following topics and grade levels:

  • Astronaut Training (3-5)
  • Microgravity (K-4)
  • Visual Perception (K-12)
  • Cardiovascular (5-12)
  • An Idea to a Flight Payload (4-8)

WHAT'S IN THE NEWS Experiments: Developed in connection with the Video segments on NeurOn to parallel experiments done on Neurolab. Classrooms are invited to send results which will be compared to NASAs after the flight of STS-90. Experiments include the following subjects:

  • Vestibular Spinning Experiment
  • Circle Draw Experiment
  • Ball Catch Experiment
  • Heart Rate Experiment

Links to NeurOn Related Curriculum Helps

Neuroscience Brain Awareness Week (March 16-22, l998) Space Science Microgravity

Other Teacher Helps



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