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The NeurOn Team answered your questions

Asking the NeurOn Team Your Questions

The opportunity to send email questions to the men and women of the Neurolab team was available during the active preparation for the STS-90 mission, beginning November 1, 1997 and ending May 31, 1998. We are grateful to the Neurolab folks for generously volunteering their time to support this service.

If you have further questions that involve the NASA and the current space program, consider posing these question at: Space Team Online Q & A

Browsing Answers to Questions Asked

An archive of question/answer pairs reflecting questions submitted during the "live" part of this project is available.

Searching Question/Answer Pairs

A capability to search for interesting question/answer pairs is available. The system relies on the user choosing one or more keywords related to their interest. Every existing question/answer pair will be searched to see if it contains the keywords.


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