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Neurolab Online Photo Gallery

    II. Thumbnails for Laboratories and Equipment Photos

    Click on image to see full sized
    description at right Neurolab crew inside Neurolab

    description at right Photo of Rodent habitat (RAHF cage)

    description at right Rack 3 of Neurolab where some of the animal subjects will be spending their time in flight.

    description at right Mouse Habitat that will ride in the mid-deck

    description at right Rack 10 built by NASDA (The Japanese Space Agency) for the Aquatics and Neurobiology experiments.

    description at right Vestibular Function Experiment Units (VFEUs) On-orbit each will house 2 Oyster Toadfish in individual Fish Packages (FPs)

    description at right Aquatic habitat designed by NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan)
    description at right The CEBAS [Closed Equilibrated Biological Aquatic System] mini module, developed and built in Germany
    description at right Escher staircase apparatus that the astronauts will use to study "mental maps" in space.

    description at right Photo of Cell Culture Unit.

    description at right Photo of Gravitational Biology Lab.

    description at right Shuttle spacelab module photo.


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