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Kennedy Space Center
Countdown to Launch

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April 15, l998 - Rollback of the RSS

A major preflight milestone, typically occurring during the T-11-hour hold on L-1 (the day before launch).

With the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) rolled back, at left, the Space Shuttle Columbia is nearly ready for launch of STS-90.
photo of roll back at night under lights shuttle after roll back

Earlier Pictures of Neurolab Processing at KSC

    April 15The STS-90 crew wave to family and friends in front of Launch Pad 39B
    April 13 STS-90 crew arrival at KSC's Shuttle Landing Facility
    March 31Crew participates in TCDT at Launch Pad 39B
    March 30Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT) activities
    March 29The crew arrives to begin TCDT activities
    March 23The Space Shuttle Columbia rolls out to Launch Pad 39B!
    March 16-Shuttle transferred from OPF to the VAB
    March 9-Payload bay door closure
    February 26-The STS-90 crew participate in CEIT
    February 12-Neurolab in Orbiter Processing Facility bay 3
    February, first week-Neurolab moved into its payload canister in O&C Building
    January 1998-Crew participates in CEIT
    December 1997-Further processing, preparation for launch
    November 1997-Neurolab installed in Spacelab module in the O&C



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