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Featured Events

  • NeurOn at the Launch Join Linda as she went behind the scenes at the Kennedy Space Center, observing activities surrounding the launch of STS-90 in April 1998.

  • NeurOn Salutes Brain Awareness Week It's not too late to join us for this March 18, 1998 event! The broadcast in which classrooms may participate in experiments that focus on brain function is archived online and may be used at any time for classroom participation.

  • The Great Habitat Debate: A Collaborative Activity
      Hardware design: Classrooms around the world designed animal micro-habitats (cages), debated the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches, and then comparee them with NASA designs. See submitted designs. This project may be done any time using the online materials.

  • Logo design contest: Know your Neurolab experiments! This activity allows students to team up like the scientists whose experiments performed aboard STS-90 and design a logo for "their" team! See contest entries. Winning logos were placed in the background section with the corresponding investigation.

  • NeurOn T-Shirts! Order your own personalized NeurOn T-shirt. Sorry, no longer available.

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