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Mars Virtual Teacher Training Conference Credits

Creative and Technical Direction:

Andrea McCurdy, Sterling Software

Quest Web Development, System Administration, and Coordination:

Linda Conrad, I-NET

Alan Federman, Sterling Software

Jennifer Sellers, Sterling Software

With help from:

Irene Calizo, I-NET

Mike DeFrenza, Sterling Software

Sandy Dueck, Sterling Software

Marc Siegel, Sterling Software

Chris Tanski, I-NET

Karen Traicoff, NASA Ames Research Center

Technical Geniuses and Internet Missionaries:

Andrew Schain, NASA HQ

Chris Shenton, RMS, Boeing

With help from:

Patrick Amato, Boeing

Sanaz Ashadi, Boeing

James Chi, Boeing

Jeff Mount, Boeing

Joy Webb, Boeing

Dorian Winterfeld, RMS

MBone and CU-SeeMe Session Support:

Mark Allard, NASA Ames Research Center

With help from:

Michael Baldizzi, NASA Lewis Research Center

Robert Kearin, NASA Ames Research Center

David Meyers, Sterling Software

Rob Tanner, Sterling Software

Russ Wertenberg, NASA Ames Research Center

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This NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Web page was last updated on August 6, 1996.


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