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Mars "Virtual" Teacher Training Conference

The Sights & Impressions of those in Attendance

LIVE from Washington D.C.:

It's the Teachers' Workshop for Live from Mars!

The following is not an attempt to duplicate the information contained in detail in the Agenda already provided on this website, but rather an opportunity to share with you the sights and sounds that went on behind the screens:

places like the control center (located behind the screen on the platform) where much of what went on was managed and critiqued; people like Chris Shenton, the D.C. based network guru who maintained contact with NASA Ames based Alan Federman;

the transcribing center where several individuals made sure that those of you online without video or audio contact could participate in all as it happened;the NASA TV cameramen who captured the activities for the video transmission;

As speakers made individual presentations their visuals were projected on the screen from the control center;during breaks, NASA worker, Linda Conrad put pictures on the web for you to see;

Virtual Conference Organizer Andrea McCurdy from NASA Ames, seen here chatting with Cheick during Kurt Gramoll's presentation;and one of our youngest participants, Eric Dorsey, who claims to already know Marvin the Martian!

As you can already tell, it was a full day!


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This NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Web page was last updated on August 6, 1996.


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