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On July 20, 1996

Passport to Knowledge / NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

presented for the FIRST TIME EVER...

via the
Internet and NASA TV

A brief INTRODUCTION to the project and the people that made it happen.

Regardless of when remote participants joined the virtual conference, they could review the AGENDA and then view any graphics being presented at that time in the NASA auditorium.

WebChats, RealAudio and Presentation Graphics were available from our

Remote participants could get technical advise from the TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW AND ONLINE HELP section.

Activities that occurred BEHIND THE SCREENS at the conference in Washington D.C. were captured by onsite participants.

Background information on being a HOST SITE or an
INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT can be found in this location.

[ Agenda | Technical Overview | Live Conference Area ]

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This NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Web page was last updated on August 6, 1996.


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