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Mars Team Online Updates

MTO #74:(August 3, 1998) Reminder: August 5 Chat with Nathan Bridges

MTO #73:(July 7, 1998) August 5 Chat with Nathan Bridges, Planetary Geologist

MTO #72:(June 8, 1998) Upcoming Missions in Our Background Section

MTO #71:(May 4, 1998) May 6 Chat with Rich Hogen, Aerospace Engineer

MTO #70:(April 4, 1998) Mars Global Surveyor to Attempt Imaging of Features of Public Interest

MTO #69:(March 22, l998) Schedule for Upcoming Bilingual Webchats

MTO #68:(March 15, l998) March 27 Chat with Astronomer Jim Bell

MTO #67:(March 8, l998) Send Your Name to Mars!

MTO #66:(February 21, l998) Live Mars Workshop Offers Lecture, Chat, Tour

LFM #65:(January 9, l998) Bridget Landry's Final Days on Pathfinder

LFM #64:(December 19, l997) Still Time to Participate in Scavenger Hunt!

LFM #63:(December 10, l997) LFM Teacher Featured in Learning Technologies Channel Show

LFM #62:(December 5, l997) Help Choose Date for Special LTC "Getting to Mars" Show

LFM #61:(November 21, l997) Submit Your Kids' Pictures/Work

LFM #60:(November 14, l997) Final LFM Broadcast on Internet

LFM #59:(November 6, l997) Live Event: November 13 Broadcast!

LFM #58:(October 21, l997) Rock Stars: Immediate Action Required!

LFM #57:(October 17, l997) Play the New Pathfinder Puzzles!

LFM #56:(October 9, l997) Weather Worlds Web Form Due This Friday!

LFM #55:(October 2, l997) Weather Worlds Web Form Available Friday

LFM #54:(September 26, l997) Take a Virtual Tour of the Pathfinder Landing Site

LFM #53:(September 19, l997) Weather Worlds: Activities to Start Now!

LFM #52:(September 14, l997) A New School Year's Welcome

LFM #51:(September 4, l997) RSVP for Sept. 12 WebChat

LFM #50:(August 21, l997) New Weather Activity Coming Your Way

LFM #49:(August 8, l997) Gearing up for New School Year

LFM #48:(August 1, l997) Why I Lie Awake at Night

LFM #47:(July 24, l997) Creating Your Own 3-D Images

LFM #46:(July 18, l997) What a Rush! What a Relief!

LFM #45:(July 11, l997) Touchdown +6!: Available Soon on Video

LFM #44:(July 7, l997) NEWS from JPL

LFM #43:(July 5, l997) Special Report from JPL, July 5

LFM #42:(July 2, l997) Special Report from JPL, July 2

LFM #41:(July 2, l997) Ready or Not, Here They Come!

LFM #40:(June 27, l997) Making a list, checking it twice...

LFM #39:(June 19, l997) Rebroadcast of LFM programs

LFM #38:(June 12, l997) What are those Mars team members up to?

LFM #37:(June 12, l997) Landing day workshop to commence

LFM #36:(May 21, l997) Join us on Mars in July!

LFM #35:(May 8, l997) Just How Big is This Maneuver, Anyway?

LFM #34:(May 5, l997) Hey Navigator...

LFM #33:(May 2, l997) Behind the Screens

LFM #32:(April 24, l997) A Snake Swallowing a Gopher

LFM #31b:(April 23, l997) TV SCRIPT "Cruising..." Pt. 2


LFM #29:(April 11, l997) Take the Challenge!

LFM #28: Oops, we skipped this number!

LFM #27:(April 4, l997) A Day in the Life of a Gravity Man

LFM #26:(March 27, l997) Exciting, Exhausting, Frustrating and Fun: Somebody's Got to do it!

LFM #25:(March 22, l997) Getting Off to a Running Start!

LFM #24:(March 13, l997) "Saturday" Means Nothing to a Spacecraft

LFM #23:(March 6, l997) Planetary Explorer Toolkit Nearly Completed

LFM #22:(February 28, l997) Upcoming WebChats: Experts Enjoy Chat Environment

LFM #21:(February 21, l997) Things are hectic!

LFM #20:(February 7, l997) Water on Mars?

LFM #19:(Jan.31, l997) WebChat Schedule Set for February

LFM #18:(Jan.23, l997) Student Stumpers: They're Baaack!

LFM #17:(Jan.10, l997) Planetary Explorer Toolkit Debate Starts Strong

LFM #16:(Jan.3, l997) Wearing Many Hats

LFM #15:(Dec. 18, l996) Blowing in the Wind

LFM #14:(Dec. 12, l996) Mars Pathfinder Launch

LFM #13:(Dec. 6, l996) All in Order to Head for Mars

LFM #12:(Nov. 26, l996) Mars 96 Failure

LFM #11:(Nov. 19, l996) Fixing little Pathfinder bugs, mud volleyball

LFM #10a:(Nov. 17, l996) Potential problem with NASA-TV, Script of show (1/3)
LFM #10b:(Nov. 17, l996) Television Script (2/3)
LFM #10c:(Nov. 17, l996) Television Script (3/3)

LFM #9:(Nov. 14, l996) Email us questions, magnificant MGS launch

LFM #8:(Nov. 11, l996) Kids at KSC, preparing for TV show

LFM #7:(Nov. 3, l996) Mars rover tests in Arizona

LFM #6:(Oct. 29, l996) WebChat with Whetsel and Challenge questions

LFM #5:(Oct. 17, l996) PET Collaborative activity, Reviewing cameras

LFM #4:(Oct. 9, l996) Teacher's Guide arrival!, NetDay96 happenings

LFM #3:(Sept. 26, l996) Teachers' Guide and a visit to the spacecraft

LFM #2:(Sept. 12, l996) Weekly WebChats, Teacher's Guide info, Spacecraft status

LFM #1:(Aug. 3, l996) Welcome to Live From Mars


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