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Meet: Stephen Gorevan

Robotic Drill Project Manager
Honeybee Robotics, New York City

Who I Am

My name is Stephen Gorevan, I am 42 years old and I live and work in New York City. My wife Patty and I have two children, Molly Jo, age 9, and Casey, age 5. We also have two cats named Dot and Dash.

My kids have become very interested in my work as of late because I am in charge of the design of a new type of robotic drill that will be sent to Mars in 2001. The drill will be used to sample inside Martian rocks to look for evidence of past or present life. My work right now is very, very exciting and very busy as we must use almost all the precious time we have before the rocket launch to design the drill. Working on this drill with me are my work partners here at my company, Honeybee Robotics. I am the project manager on the drill project and my job really is to make sure everyone is working on the right problems, to make sure that the work gets done on time and to ask questions that will help the thinking and design process along.

My Journey

All the folks that work on the drill here, including myself, are engineers. Having an engineering degree from college may be the best way to become involved in the space program. I came to love engineering while I was in college. I understood (finally) that I loved understanding how machines worked and that it was logical for me to become an engineer and actually design machines. At first I wanted to study music and I did for a while. But instead of being interested in playing the piano, I found myself becoming more interested in how the piano worked! I became so interested that I became a piano tuner while going to engineering school.

Personal Information

I am a person who likes to exercise and I choose to ride a bicycle every day. Living in New York City allows me to get my exercise done while riding along the Hudson River and saying hello to the Statue of Liberty on a daily basis. It makes exercising easier to ride along this great river. I grew up in and around New York City and love the sights and sounds of this place very much. But sometimes the city feels a bit crowded and too hectic. When it gets like that Patty, Molly Jo, Casey, the cats and I like to get into our car and drive to beautiful Vermont and rest and play in a log cabin that I built there some years ago.


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