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How to order Live From Mars materials

There are two ordering options for the Live From Mars teacher materials. Please read over the options carefully and fill out the form below. Be sure your check, money order, or purchase order is made out to Passport to Knowledge and sent to:

Option 1: Live From Mars Teacher's Guide with suggested hands-on activities and lessons, opening and closing activities, and orientation and background information including how to use online resources.
    $20.00 (US) $25.00 (Canada)
Canadian orders -- please make your payment payable in US DOLLARS!

Option 2: Live From Mars Multimedia Kit includes: Teacher's Guide (described above), Teacher Orientation Videotape, original color poster, slide set, sample online materials, Mars CD-ROM (IBM/Mac) and other instructional materials fully underwritten by NASA's Mars Exploration Directorate -- and more!

    $99.00 (US) $125.00 (Canada)
    Price includes shipping and handling.

Pricing for locales other than US and Canada, please contact Passport to Knowledge at: 908-273-4108
Volume pricing information also available.

Live From Mars Teacher Materials Order Form

Grade Level:
Number of students materials will impact:

School/Museum/Science Center, etc:
Mailing Address--

    Zip code:

Number of Teacher's Guides only (option 1) at
$20.00 each (US) $25.00 (Canada)
Number of Multimedia Kits (option 2) at
$99.00 (US) $125.00 (Canada)
Total of check or money order enclosed: $ ___________________

Make out check, money order, or purchase order to: Passport to Knowledge


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