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Generate Star Chart

Specify Position, either by selecting a constellation, or location (by R.A. and declination or by planet) and scale. Constellation overrides location and scale.


Or location:

Or planet

Star limiting magnitude:
Limiting magnitude for labels:
Limiting magnitude for Greek/Flamsteed annotation:

Title for chart:

Projection mode:

Label Magnitude Range

Center magnitude:
Label stars with their magnitude, as for variable star or asteroid finder charts. The first argument is the center magnitude, and the second a range: stars within plus or minus range of the center magnitude are labeled.


Spacing: R.A. Dec
Origin: RA Dec
A grid isdrawn, with arbitrary spacing in R.A. and declination.

Other options

Invert. The main map of the chart is dawn with north and south flipped, to produce an inverted view.

This can take a minute.

Dr. Craig Counterman <ccount@mit.edu>

Last modified: Tue Dec 17 15:25:30 1996

version for QUEST - NASA - ARC - Alan Federman installer


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