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Mars Team Online Photo Gallery

Mars Pathfinder

Click on a thumbnail image to see it full-size.

description at right Rover conducting examination of Barnacle Bill
description at right The Twin Peaks of Mars
description at right Tracks from the rover's cleated wheels lead up to the rock dubbed by scientists as Yogi.
description at right The Sojourner rover and undeployed ramps of Pathfinder
description at right Artist rendition of descent of Pathfinder through Mars atmosphere
v Mars Pathfinder stationary lander and surface rover
v Diagram of Pathfinder lander and rover
description at right The Sojourner rover
description at right A global view of the Pathfinder rover landing site
description at right Ares Vallis, an ancient flood plain, chosen as the Pathfinder landing site
description at right Pinpointing the Mars Pathfinder landing site


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