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Welcome to the Mars Team Online site!

This page is designed to help you navigate our extensive resources and assist your efforts in locating key information within our site. Mars Team Online is active during the 1997-1998 school year and presents opportunities for educators to incorporate online web-based resources in their classrooms.

Our web site is composed of three types of resources: INFORMATIONAL, INTERACTIVE, and COLLABORATIVE and SHARING.


If you need background details about Mars Team Online, these links will help you find the KEY information:

  1. Visit the WELCOME to Mars Team Online and find background information about this project, how to receive weekly update newsletters via email, and more.

  2. Access the Teacher's Guide (lessons, activities, etc.). It is found in both text and Adobe Acrobat format here!

  3. Find out about the Mars Mission Team, who they are, why they selected their career, what specific role they play, and the challenges they face.

  4. Life on Mars and other interesting Mars-related articles will provide you and your students with lots of ideas for discussion starters.

  5. Share these exciting IMAGES with your students -- you will find images from past, present, and current missions as well as Mars images from the Hubble Space Telescope!

  6. Visit the Mars-related web links to the Mars Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars '96, Mars Together, and more!

STEP TW0: INTERACTIVE RESOURCES --- Getting you and your students INVOLVED!
  1. Do your students have questions about Mars? They can submit those questions and receive answers from the experts through our Ask the Mars Team service. Tips for asking good questions and the logistics of how to send them are found here.

  2. Teachers need to collaborate, share resources, ideas, and concerns. We have the perfect e-mail forum for finding lots of support and assistance -- discuss. You can access our archive of postings and even subscribe via the web.

  3. WebChat provides a unique opportunity to enhance your students and your own involvement in Mars Team Online. Details on weekly WebChats with experts are listed.

STEP THREE: COLLABORATIVE and SHARING RESOURCES -- Expand and enrich your students' experiences!

  1. Students are invited to compose their own "Challenge Questions" and pose them for other kids to solve. Check out Student Stumpers and have your students challenged!

  2. Kid's Corner provides a showcase for student-generated work and sharing of Mars Team Online classroom activities. Find out how much fun other classes are having as they participate in MTO lessons, build balloon rockets, turn their classroom into a Martian landscape, and explore the MTO resources!

    We would like your feedback! If there are ways to improve this TOUR or if you have questions about the Mars Team Online project, please email Sandy Dueck at sandy@quest.arc.nasa.gov.


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