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Welcome to Mars Team Online

Mars Team Online is about the men and women who work on uncovering the mysteries of Mars. Over the next decade, NASA and other space agencies will be launching many different spacecraft to the red planet. You can join the enthusiastic people responsible for these missions and learn about their diverse and exciting careers. We'll peek behind the scenes as these folks plan future missions and decide on the appropriate science goals, design and build spacecraft, launch and operate the missions and study the data which results from the missions.

Mars Team Online provides lots of opportunities to interact with these interesting experts. We encourage email exchange and host frequent live network events on a Web chat system. We hope you'll feel that you've met (not just read about) NASA's neat folks.

Curriculum supplements about the science of Mars and the challenges of getting spacecraft there are available to help teachers better incorporate Mars material into their classrooms. Mars Team Online hosts teacher discussion areas to encourage like-minded educators to share good ideas and support one another. This is also a good way to provide feedback and ideas to NASA to improve Mars Team Online.

As well, student-to-student interactions are currently happening through Student Stumpers (see Kids' Corner). Finally, an area on the Web is reserved to display student work relating to Mars.

Mars Team Online began life as a project called Live From Mars in September 1996. At the time, the project was a collaboration between NASA's Quest Project and Passport To Knowledge (PTK). Live From Mars included several live video programs as well as a printed Teachers' Guide. PTK's involvement ended in January 1998 and at that time the project took on its new name. Currently there are no plans to end the project.

For now, please consider joining our Mars Team Online mail list. It will be the best way to stay up to date as the project develops. To join, send an email to:

In the message body, write exactly these words:
subscribe updates-lfm

We hope that this will prove to be an exciting learning resource for you and your students. We think it will be a great ride. So prepare yourself for blastoff.

Sandy Dueck
Mars Team Online Project Manager


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