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Mars in the News

Recent Press Releases

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Older Press Releases

  • July 1, 1998: NASA instruments on Japanese Planet-B spacecraft will aid studies of Martian upper atmosphere

  • June 29, 1998: Water history, rock composition among latest findings a year after Mars Pathfinder

  • June 26, 1998: Diarra named goodwill ambassador to Africa

  • June 16, 1998: Arctic crater expedition to seek Mars science insights and test future exploration technologies

  • June 12, 1998: NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft captures winter on Mars

  • June 10, 1998: Pathfinder leaders take their place among the stars

  • May 27, 1998: Surveyor data reveal more evidence of abundant water, thermal activity in Mars' past

  • April 8, 1998: Science team chosen for technology validation mission to explore the subsurface of Mars

  • March 26, 1998: Mars Global Surveyor to attempt imaging of features of public interest

  • March 13, 1998: New Global Surveyor data reveal deeply layered terrain, magnetic features and genesis of a Martian dust storm

  • March 10, 1998: Mars Pathfinder mission status

  • March 9, 1998: Flight team makes final attempt to contact Pathfinder lander

  • March 3, 1998: Pathfinder manager Brian Muirhead named engineer of year

  • February 27, 1998: Dust and soil experiment chosen for Mars 2001 mission

  • February 26, 1998: Muirhead to lead Deep Space 4/Champollion mission

  • February 19, 1998: New logo selected for NASA's next mission to Mars

  • February 18, 1998: Huntress announces his departure from NASA

  • February 17, 1998: Manning named chief engineer of Mars Surveyor Program

  • February 11, 1998: 1998 Mars payloads integrated as scientists view first close-ups of strange, layered polar terrain

  • February 10, 1998: Images of Mars '98 landing zone reveal strange new terrain

  • November 13, 1997: Mars penetrators successfully complete crucial subsystem test

  • November 10, 1997: Surveyor resumes aerobraking, heading toward new mapping orbit

  • November 6, 1997: Science team and instruments selected for Mars Surveyor 2001 missions

  • November 4, 1997: Mars Pathfinder winds down after phenomenal mission

  • October 30, 1997: Mars Global Surveyor to resume aerobraking

  • October 14, 1997: Global Surveyor's orbit raised while solar panel is analyzed

  • September 26, 1997: Mars Pathfinder rover exits rock garden to begin long trek

  • September 17, 1997: Mars Global Surveyor detects Martian magnetic field as aerobraking begins

  • August 8, 1997: Mars Pathfinder results generating new picture of Mars as mission moves into extended operations

  • August 5, 1997: Remote control robot breaks rough terrain travel record, paves path for future planetary science missions

  • July 16, 1997: Software used on Mars Pathfinder wins NASA's Software of the Year Award

  • July 1, l997: Hubble's Look at Mars Shows Canyon Dust Storm, Cloudy Conditions for Pathfinder Landing

  • June 24, l997: Robotic Mars Landing and Space Shuttle Reflight Highlight a Busy and Challenging Week for U.S. Space Program

  • June 19, l997: NASA Mourns Dr. Jurgen H.Rahe, Solar System Exploration Science Program Director

  • June 17, l997: Carnegie Mellon University to Test Adaptable Mobile Robot in South American Desert

  • June 10, l997: Prototype Mars Rover Completes Simulated Mars Trek

  • May 20, l997: Hubble Finds Cloudy, Cold Weather for Mars-Bound Spacecraft

  • April 30, l997: Mars Global Surveyor to Aerobrake in Modified Configuration

  • March 25, l997: Space Science and Human Space Flight Enterprises Agree to Joint Robotic Mars Lander Mission

  • March 25, l997: Hubble Space Telescope Check-out Finds Successes, Concerns

  • March 25, l997: Space Science and Human Space Flight Enterprises Agree to Joint Robotic Mars Lander Mission

  • March 24, l997: Hubble's Sharpest Views of Mars Available

  • March 14, l997: Press Briefing to Present New Data and Status of 'Past Life on Mars' Debate Scheduled for March 19

  • November 29, l996: Update on Russian Space Probe

  • November 27, l996: Mars Global Surveyor Solar Panel Will Not Hinder Mission Goals

  • November 25, l996: Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft Scheduled for Launch Dec. 2

  • November 13, l996: U.S. Soil Experiment Ready for Launch aboard Russia's Mars '96

  • November 1, l996: Students to Remotely Control Russian Mars Rover in Desert Tests

  • November 1, l996: New Hubble Images Show Dust Storms at Mars North Pole

  • October 16, l996: Three Mars Missions to Launch in Late 1996

  • October 10, l996: Press Briefing on 1996 Mars Missions Set for October 16

  • September 24, l996: Second New Millennium Flight will send Microprobes to the Surface of Mars

  • September 20, l996: Views of Mars Spacecraft Processing Available

  • August 14, l996: Two 1996 Mars Spacecraft Arrive at Launch Site

  • August 8, l996: Member of the team that studied Martian meteorite convinced that crucial evidence is consistent with fossil bacteria

  • August 6, l996: Statement from Daniel S. Goldin, NASA Administrator



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