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by Christopher
from Stewart Middle School

Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun. It is smaller than the Earth yet similar. It is a huge red dust cloud (which is why we call it the red planet). Mars, like Earth, freezes at the poles, and they retract such as our Earth's own does. There are many craters where meteorites have struck. After many years of training and hard work, NASA has finally landed the Sojourner Truth Rover and Pathfinder onto the rocky Mars surface. They are now trying to pick up rock fragments to look at and examine. I think that is cool because if we figure out what we need exactly for protection on Mars, we could land, safely, on it possibly by the year 2015. But they need the information so that they can do this. Plus, you can't do enough in space. There are lots of things to explore and do.

I would love to be able to someday fly up in a rocket ship and explore space. If you have that dream too, (1) you can study up on Space, (2) you can go to Titusville, Florida, and visit John F. Kennedy Space Center. John F. Kennedy Space Center has model rockets that are the actual size of the real thing, such as the Apollo and Lunar Module. They also have exhibits and I-MAX theatre showing movies about space and space missions. There is also a tour that you can take to enjoy the sights of the actual launch pads for the shuttles and see the stands where the President actually sat at! Finally, you can go to Space Camp and venture through various trainings that actual astronauts have to take before a mission! Each age group has its own little unique things to do. And on your last year there you can fly a plane! Plus, if your lucky enough, you could see a shuttle liftoff!


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