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This material was developed for Live From Mars, a Passport to Knowledge project. Live From Mars was a precursor to Mars Team Online.

Charlie Lindgren's kids assemble their PET kit

Our discussion, at times heated, is finally over. We decided the only way to get through the selection process was to discuss each of the catagories and rank each item. After that we selected the "must go" items and did a scavenger hunt of the school to see how many we could find. The only critical item not found was the disposable camera.. Not here yet but available are a small pair of binoculars WITH a compass built-in, and a combination wind-speed indicator/thermometer!!!

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Our first task was to find the critical items.

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Right away we could see we had a problem! Our wishlist was MUCH bigger than our space requirements!

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We tried many combinations.

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Do we really need a cover?

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We had to bring a topographic map!

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This is not as easy as it looks. We still have a long way to go before we get this right!



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