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Kids' Corner

This is a place to see:

Student Gallery: poems, artwork, writings, etc.

Kids at work: photos from the classrooms of real kids studying Mars.

Here's how to post your students' work.

Student Stumpers challenge kids to make riddles for other kids to solve. Whether you create a question, or email the author with your answer, Student Stumpers can be a terrific way to get to know like-minded kids all over the world.

Mars Climate Orbiter 1/24 Scale Model: instructions on how to assemble your own model of the Mars Orbiter from card stock.

Pathfinder Concentrate! tests kids' recall. Flip the tiles and find a match! An explanation for each image is given and once the game is solved, the newly uncovered image is described.

Pathfinder Slider Puzzle makes kids scramble against the clock as they rearrange sliding tiles to decipher a Mars mystery image.


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