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Homeschooler, Megan Gilliland, writes a review about Mars Team Online

Mars Team Online.... (Part I - the Web site)

- 4/12/97 Megan Gilliland

You're probably wondering if NASA has any pages on the Internet that can help you, your kids, or your students out by giving you information that you need/want about Mars. The Mars Team Online Page (http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/mars/index.html ) is the perfect place to go to find out information about Mars, get your questions answered, and much more!

The Mars Team Online page is an especially great site for teachers. If their students have any questions, they can either get them answered by going to one of the chats and asking one of the scientists their question, or they can do it by sending their question in using e-mail. There is also a "Student Stumpers" page where the students can make riddles for the other students to solve. But, these are not all the sites NASA offers through MTO for teachers and students. Most of MTO is for teachers and students, but it can be a great site to visit even if you AREN'T a teacher or student.

Through this site, you can also subscribe to the updated MTO e-mail list. This is a weekly newsletter that keeps you updated on the latest news in MTO. It also gives you information about upcoming chats.

Two other great pages on MTO are the "Photo Gallery" and the "Live Video" site. In the "Photo Gallery" you can find just about any Mars picture you are looking for - a GREAT place to go. In the "Live Video" page you can find the schedule for upcoming MTO broadcasts and order those broadcasts also.

Under "Mars Team" you'll find "Field Journals" that the Mars Team wrote. This is a great place to go if you want to find out about the Mars Team - and learn a little bit about what they do.

There are also other great pages on MTO that I will review also in the next month or two. So, in the meantime, jump in your Space Ship and fly right over to Mars Team Online (link) and check it out!

Over the next month or two, we will be running the Mars Team Online series of articles which will include information about the weekly chats that they have on their site, and what the school projects are that are connected with the MTO program. This series should be three or four parts posted every three weeks or so. Stay tuned for more....

The author, Megan Gilliland-House, is a 13-year-old homeschooler in Illinois, is an aspiring astronaut, accomplished pianist and violinist, and is a volunteer Smart Filter for NASA's Mars Team Online and other aeronautics programs.


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