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Goin' on a Mars Trip
by Second Grade, Alki Elementary, Seattle, Washington

Sung to the camp song tune of "Let's Go on a Bear Hunt"

Goin' on a Mars trip,
We're not afraid.
Blast off on a rocket,
We've got it made.

Soon we are in orbit,
Goin' 'round the earth.
Now we'll head for Mars,
Discover new stuff.

It travels seven months,
Just to get there.
Now get ready to land,
Dare try the air?

Time for the parachute
To slow us down.
Let's inflate the airbags,
Bounce to the ground.

Now deflate the airbags,
The sides fold out.
Camera on the lander,
Looks all about.

The Mars weather station,
Starts to operate.
Rover named Sojourner,
Starts to navigate.

It moves very slowly,
Obeys each command.
The data it collects,
Helps us understand...

Why we study Mars,
And things in space.
How to solve problems
For the human race.


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