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Mars Team Online has merged with several of Quest's other online interactive projects to form the new Solar System Online project. Please join us there!

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Mars Team Online

A Guided Tour of this Site

In 1996 NASA launched two missions to Mars. The Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft took off in November and reached the orbit of Mars on September 11, 1997 to begin an orbital mission that will provide detailed mapping and weather information. The Mars Pathfinder spacecraft blasted away in December and landed on the Red Planet on July 4, 1997. The micro-rover Sojourner has wandered its way around the Martian terrain, returning a wealth of new science data.

By participating in the Mars Team Online project, you and your students can join the Mars team in their exploration of the Red Planet! The project is targeted at the middle school grade levels, but will have appeal above and below that range.


The Mars Team Online Web pages include:

  • Project News:
    • If you're new, a welcome and some background
    • If not, the most recent updates
  • Featured Events: project segments to stimulate your students
  • About the Mars Team includes:
    • Biographical sketches of the men and women of the project to help students relate to the project at a human level.
    • Journal reports from Mars personnel describing their day-to-day activities and their particular role in the project. These reports will help students understand the diversity of people and skills that are needed for success in a modern science project.
  • Chat with NASA experts using the WWW
  • Ask questions of NASA experts via email
  • Background:
    • About Mars
    • Deep Space 2
    • Mars Surveyor 98
    • Mars Surveyor 2001
    • Mars Express
    • Mars Global Surveyor
    • Mars Pathfinder
    • Mars 96
    • Mars Together Project
    • Mars Rovers
    • Life on Mars?
    • Other Mars-related Web sites
  • Photo Gallery of interesting and relevant images
  • Teachers' Lounge contains curriculum materials and ways for teachers to connect with one another:
    • Special Teacher's Guide designed for this project
    • Place for discussion among teachers (available through email or Web)
  • Kids' Corner contains
    • Projects for kids
    • Gallery of student work
    • Gallery of participating classrooms
  • Video: Live From Mars

On July 20, 1996, a workshop was held in Washington DC for teachers participating in Live From Mars, the precursor to Mars Team Online. An archive of that exciting and inspiring experience remains online. news kids teachers photos questions & answers background information events chatsteam


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