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Mars Team Online QuestChat

Date: October 22, 1998

Featuring: Anita Dodson
Graphic Communicator
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Anita's featured URL is http://www-sn.jsc.nasa.gov/outreach/craters

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[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 0 - 08:19:23 ]
Hello to our early arriving Mars Team Online chat participants! Today's Mars Team Online chat with Anita Dodson from NASA Johnson Space Center will begin at 9:00 a.m., Pacific Time. Be sure you have read Anita's autobiography at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/mars/team/dodson.html before joining this chat.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 1 - 08:19:47 ]
Once the chat begins, Anita will attempt to answer as many of your questions as she can, but please be patient. The chat will "moderated" if Anita gets behind in answering your questions. This means that only a few questions will be posted to the chat room at a time. Don't worry if your questions do not appear on your screen immediately. They will be posted as Anita answers those ahead of you.

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As a reminder, remember to enter "Your Handle" in the box provided, before posting questions to the chat room. Once you've done this, please let us know that you have logged on for today's chat.

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At the conclusion of today's chat, we ask that you take a few minutes to let us know what you thought about it. For your convenience, you may use our online feedback forms at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys. We look forward to hearing from you!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 7 - 09:10:08 ]
RE: [MrsMock-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Good morning. My third and fourth grader computer students are almost ready to chat.
Welcome, Mrs. Mock. We're looking forward to chatting with you again today!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 8 - 09:10:37 ]
Hello and welcome to today's Mars Team Online chat with Anita Dodson from NASA Johnson Space Center! Anita is responsible for making scientific and technical information, which the scientists and engineers produce, available to the public in an understandable format. She must design the best way to put words, images and colors together in order to get a reader's attention and send a specific message. To do this, part of Anita's work includes designing and producing brochures, flyers, mission decals, posters, presentations, exhibits, articles and pages on the World Wide Web.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 9 - 09:11:16 ]
And now, here is Anita Dodson to answer your questions.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 10 - 09:12:33 ]
Good Morning everyone.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 13 - 09:16:31 ]
RE: [Leslie-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Good morning. what is your dogs name?
His name is Gunner. He's a bird dog.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 16 - 09:21:07 ]
RE: [Heather-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] what is your favorite part of your job?
The best part is getting to be creative and have fun. Each new assignment I get is totally different from the last one, so I never get bored.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 18 - 09:25:21 ]
RE: [Chris-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What is a typical day like?
I come in and get on the computer. I check my email and then I usually start back on whatever project I was working on when I left. Some projects require field trips. We are putting together a Mars Camp at Moody Gardens in Galveston so we go to the museum for meetings.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 21 - 09:28:58 ]
RE: [Leslie-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] How many websites do you have,and where are they?
I've probably put together 5 or 6 websites recently. They are all NASA sites. I'll post some URL's for you.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 23 - 09:30:17 ]
Anita Dodson is not an astronaut. Please read her autobiography at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/mars/team/dodson.html for information about her career.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 24 - 09:31:07 ]
We would like to remind you to give us feedback about today's chat at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys at the conclusion of today's chat. Thanks!

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 26 - 09:33:07 ]
RE: [Oran/NASAChatHost] Anita, can you give us a little "preview" of what kinds of things we may expect at the Mars Camp? Sounds like fun!
We are building a Mars Habitat complete with a Mars "yard." The campers will be involved in growing plants for their food, monitoring their life support systems, operating robots on the surface of Mars, and performing EVA's on the surface. The hab is has an airlock, students put together their backpacks with life support equipment and a radio, don their spacesuit and go out into the "yard" or mars surface. They have assignments to collect rocks, or repair a broken solar panel, or robots.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 28 - 09:36:32 ]
RE: [Andy-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What is it like being a communicator?
It's great! There is a need for communications professionals everywhere you go. I definately feel needed. Scientists have an important role in what they do, but if they fail to communicate it to the rest of us it won't mean much. It's difficult for many people to write and talk about what they do in a simple fashion. Scientists especially like to talk using BIG words! It really helps them out to have someone like me around who can interpret them.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 30 - 09:38:50 ]
RE: [LeslieHoffman-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] how did your dad feel when he worked for thirty five years at nasa?
My dad went to work for NASA when it was first formed, right after he graduated from college. He has always been very proud of his career. I think he likes being retired now though, because he has more time to be a grandad.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 31 - 09:39:53 ]
RE: [lauren-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] did you work on www.spicegirls.com?
No. The web pages I do are all for NASA.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 33 - 09:41:15 ]
RE: [Ronica-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What is Katlyn's favorite activity?
She's into horses. She takes horseback riding lessons and performs in horse shows. She's also an artist. She takes art lessons at the local university.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 35 - 09:44:31 ]
Another web site to look at is http://www-curator.jsc.nasa.gov/curator/antmet/marsmets/contents.htm

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 36 - 09:46:06 ]
RE: [Kimber-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What is it like to be on the inernet chatting with people?
It's fun. It's another example of how different my job is each day. I enjoy talking to students and letting them know that there are a lot of us who work in the space program who are not scientists and engineers.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 38 - 09:47:11 ]
RE: [Lauren-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What is your favorite thing to do?
I enjoy reading and laying in my hammock on a good weather day. I also enjoy being with my family and friends.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 40 - 09:50:21]
Remember to share your thoughts about today's chat with us at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 41 - 09:50:50 ]
RE: [ronica-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What country are you from?
I'm from the US. I was born in Virginia, at Langley AFB. That's where NASA was started. I moved to Houston, Texas in 1961 when the Manned Spacecraft Center was opened. I was only 8 months old. So I feel like I'm a real Texan.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 43 - 09:54:17 ]
RE: [Kimber-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Have you ever been to any other states or countries?
I've been to Mexico and Canada, but I've never gotten off this continent. I've been to half the states. Texas is still my favorite place. If I could go to another country it would be Greece, or New Zealand.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 45 - 09:55:19 ]
RE: [Lauren-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Do you speak any other languages?
Not really. I know a little bit of Spanish.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 47 - 09:58:25 ]
RE: [Ronica-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] How long have you worked there?
I've been working at NASA for 10 years. It doesn't seem that long though. It is really fun.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 49 - 10:01:41 ]
RE: [Kimber-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Have you ever been to jazz?
I took dance when I was little. I did tap, ballet, jazz, and acrobatics. My daughter also took jazz.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 51 - 10:02:50 ]
RE: [Kimber-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] When is your birthday nd Katlyn's birthday?
I was born on April 30 and Katlyn was born Oct. 27. I also have a son, Travis, born January 21.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 54 - 10:05:53 ]
RE: [Lauren-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] What classes did you take to get to your job?
I took writing classes, lots of drawing and painting, and photography. I also took architecture, and drafting. Lisa, my co-worker just graduated and she took mostly computer graphics courses. When I was getting my degree they didn't offer computer graphics.

[ AnitaDodson/JSC - 55 - 10:06:42 ]
RE: [Lauren-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Sorry,we have to get back to class.bye says Ronica bye says Kimer an Lauren says bye.
Thanks for talking to me. Over and out.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 56 - 10:07:13 ]
RE: [Lauren-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona] Sorry,we have to get back to class.bye says Ronica bye says Kimer an Lauren says bye.
Thank you very much for joining us today!

[ MrsMock-Mrs.Mock/MontessoriSchoolofCorona - 57 - 10:07:47 ]
Thank you so much for your time. My students had to return to class, but they really enjoyed chatting with you.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 58 - 10:09:35 ]
A very special thanks to Anita Dodson for joining us online today, and sharing her time and expertise with us!

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 59 - 10:10:25 ]
We would liek to remind you to let us know how what you thought of today's chat at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/qchats/qchat-surveys.

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 60 - 10:12:29 ]
Please join us for our next Mars Team Online chat with Jack Farmer from Arizona State Univeristy on Thursday, November 12, at 3:00 p.m. PST. More information about this chat is available on the Mars Team Online chat schedule page, at http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/common/events

[ Oran/NASAChatHost - 61 - 10:12:47 ]
Thank you again to everyone for joining us today!