Questions and Answers about Humans and Earth Life on Mars

Dispensing Oxygen in a biodome

Altering environment on Mars

Oxygen Production on Mars

First mining or agricultural colony on Mars

Food Storage on Mars

Refueling a spacecraft on Mars

Long term effects of zero gravity

Supplies for 10 year stay on Mars

Life and Living on Mars

Future Government on Mars

Effect of Gravity on Humans

Career prospects for human exploration of Mars

Length of time to set up mining operations

Jobs on Mars

Recreation on Mars

Electricity on Mars

Earth organisms on Mars

Sending water to Mars

Humans living on Mars

Genetically altered humans in Mars future

Generating oxygen from a potato

Human evolution on Mars

Farm animals on Mars

Effect of Mars gravity on sports

Using hovercraft to transport ice blocks

Power needed to run research station on Mars

Designing a Mars research facility

Humans landing on Mars with airbags

Efficient feeding in a closed system

Problems with sending humans to Mars

Dome for living on Mars

Astronaut excercise on a trip to Mars

Using moisture in clouds for drinking water

Observatory on Mars

Sending clones to Mars instead of humans

Laws concerning visits to Mars

Cost of a human Mars mission

Human oxygen requirements

Waste management on Mars

Ergonomics, hygiene, and exercise on Mars

Life support system on a spacecraft to Mars

Decomposition of Earth life on Mars

Sending a spacecraft full of fuel to Mars

Heating up Mars by bringing lava to the surface

Living above or below ground level on Mars

Survival without a spacesuit on Mars

Releasing oxygen stored in rust on Mars

Human survival with limited atmosphere

Effect of Martian gravity on Earth plants

Growing Earth plants in Martian soil

Heating homes on Mars with nuclear energy

Ten things to bring to Mars

Mars direct

Building a biosphere

Usable materials on Mars

Airplanes and helicopters on Mars

Heating homes on Mars with geothermal energy

Vehicle energy and fuel on Mars

Designing Mars shoe factory and Mars shoes

Changing CO2 to O2 on Mars

Cosmic radiation sheilding

What would we miss living on Mars

Rock climbing on Mars

Dangers in sending humans to Mars

Transportation on Mars

Water production

Preparing people to go to Mars

Future overpopulation on Mars

Sending animals preceeding people

How many astronauts would go to Mars

Site for base on Mars

How many people will fit on Mars

Spacesuits for Martian environment

Frogs on Mars

Earth plants on Mars

Knowing if we contaminate Mars with Earth life

Tickets to Mars

One-way trip to Mars

Type of people needed for Mars mission

Suspended animation for future manned missions

Planetary quarantine requirement

Astronaut training for Mars mission