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This page is now being housed in another area of the NASA Quest website: http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/space/events/iss.

This is a Live Event!

"Tour the International Space Station"

space vehicle dropping by parachueunderwater training module

The Space Vehicle Mockup Facility in Houston, Texas is the center for manned spaceflight and headquarters for the International Space Station Program. The audience will be given a LIVE tour of the International Space Station trainers, Space Shuttle mockups, Underwater Neutral Buoyancy Labs and Centrifuges. You will get inside the Living Quarters where Astronauts will spend their work, play, rest and recreation time aboard the ISS. Besides being the most advanced laboratory for research and science, the International Space Station will be a launching point to destinations across the solar system. For instance, after sustaining autonomous space operations for 30 days explorers will be able to leave the space station for a journey to the moon and possibly set up a lunar outpost. After autonomous space station operations for 3 years explorers will be able to journey to Mars.

interior cutaway

issHabitable, pressurized volume on the International Space Station will be 43,000 cubic feet. That is about the volume of three average American houses, each one containing about 2,000 square feet with a 7 foot ceiling for a total of around 14,000 cubic feet. The pressurized volume will be roughly equivalent to the interior of a 747 jumbo jet. Learn what it is like to eat, sleep and work in a Microgravity environment for sustained periods of time.

STS088-719-059 (6 DECEMBER 1998) --- Backdropped against the darkness of space, the Russian-built FGB, also called Zarya, approaches the out-of-frame Space Shuttle Endeavour and the U.S.-built Node 1, also called Unity. Inside Endeavour's cabin, the STS-88 crew readied the remote manipulator system (RMS) for Zarya capture as they awaited the rendezvous.

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To learn more about the Mockup and Training Facility for NASA's ISS Astronaut Program visit their Website


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