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Space Team Online presents...

"And Now... From The Launch Of STS-96"

Welcome to the NASA Quest live coverage of the STS-96 Launch.

Schedule of Events

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Brandt Secosh with Discovery STS-96 is a logistics and resupply mission for the International Space Station. It is the first flight to dock to the International Space Station. On this STS-96 an international crew of seven are the first visitors to the new International Space Station since its launch and start of orbital assembly last year.

The SPACEHAB double module will carry internal and resupply cargo for station outfitting. The Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) will also carry the Russian cargo crane, known as STRELA, which will be mounted to the exterior of the Russian station segment and used to perform spacewalking maintenance activities. Another payload is the Student Tracked Atmospheric Research Satellite for Heuristic International Networking Equipment (STARSHINE) experiment that will train international student volunteer observers to visually track an optically reflective spacecraft during morning and evening twilight intervals for several months, calculate its orbit from shared observations, and derive atmospheric density from drag-induced changes in its orbit over time.

Join our NASA Quest host, Brandt Secosh from the Kennedy Space Center as he presents live coverage of this important lift-off.

Mike Ciannilli jpg Test Project Engineer Mike Ciannilli was on hand to bring you background information on the launch. He's in a unique position to answer questions as his group is responsible for the space shuttle vehicle, from all the systems on the orbiter to the full compliment of systems on both the external tank and the solid rocket boosters. They serve as the technical contacts in the Firing Room, ensure the vehicle is in the proper configuration and perform the majority of power up and power down activities. Outside of the Firing Room, they support vehicle testing in the Orbiter Processing Facilities, Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Pads.

Prior to every launch, Mike's group conducts what are called L-1 briefings, where they brief the astronauts on the engineering status of the space shuttle and answer any of the questions the flight crew might have. They are one of the principal interfaces between systems engineers and the astronauts. They also support a wide variety of shuttle upgrades along with the next generation launch vehicle studies.

Participants were able to interact with Mike using the chat room as he walked us through a blow-by-blow description of this important launch.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, May 13, 1999,
8:30 am Pacific Daylight Time
11:30 am Eastern Daylight Time
3:30 pm GMT
Chat with Mike Ciannilli, test project engineer
Read his profile and field journals

See the archive of this chat

Tuesday, May 18, 1999
11 am Pacific Daylight Time
2 pm Eastern Daylight Time
6 pm GMT
Chat with Lonnie Moffitt, support engineer, Flight Crew Operations
Read his profile prior to joining this chat.

See the archive of this chat

Wednesday, May 19, 1999
10 am Pacific Daylight Time
1 pm Eastern Daylight Time
5 pm GMT
Chat with Joe Delai, mechanical engineer
Read his profile prior to joining this chat.

See the archive of this chat.

Thursday, May 20, 1999
10 am Pacific Daylight Time
1 pm Eastern Daylight Time
5 pm GMT
Hail, hail STS-96
Join NASA Quest's host, Brandt Secosh in a live Webcast from KSC as he discusses with Mike Ciannilli and others why the launch of STS-96 was scrubbed and what happens now

See the archive of the live webcast with Brandt.
Listen to the archive of the live audio only webcast with Brandt.
Date May 27, 1999
2:30 am Pacific Daylight Time
5:30 am Eastern Daylight Time
9:30 am GMT

See the archive of the live webcast of the STS-96 Launch and pre-launch coverage with ISS expert Sherri Carlson and Shuttle expert Mike Ciannilli.
Listen to the archive of the live audio only webcast.

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