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The Quest Project's LTC and Space Team Online

Are Thrilled To Present:

And Now... From The Launch Of STS-95

Launch Webcast Thursday, October 29, 1998

brandt secosh

Content of the Webcast

Welcome to this exciting event witnessing the launch of STS-95. During this two and a half hour event the public joined Brandt Secosh, Quest correspondent, live from the press area at Kennedy Space Center.

We met with exciting visitors to the launch site and learned interesting facts about this mission and what it takes to prepare a mission for launch.

Karen Dodson


  During the first hour of programming our host Karen Dodson introduced:

    Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step on the moon
    Dr. Victor Schneider, Program Scientist
    Dr Frank M Sulzman, Research Program Manager
    Dr. Joan Vernikos, Director Life Sciences
    James Cameron, Film Writer, Director and Producer
The primary content was the Life Sciences goals of the STS-95 mission and why John Glenn's involvement is so significant to the Space Program.

Mike Cianelli


  During the following hour and a half Michael Ciannilli, a USA Test Project Engineer was our host, talking with some of the distinguished guests attending the launch and explaining many interesting facts about Shuttle preparation.

During the entire event the public was invited to join some special guests such as the Museum of Science and Technology in Syracuse, New York and ask questions via the chat room.

At T-9 (Take off minus 9 minutes) Mike Ciannilli provided an insider's view of what is actually taking place on the launch pad as the shuttle prepares for lift off.

  • To learn more about the STS-95 mission please, visit the mission web site.

    How to submit questions if you missed this chance to get your questions asked:

    How to view video coverage:


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