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NASA Quest presents...

"And Now... From The Launch Of STS-93"

Webcast now scheduled for Midnight, July 22
(Launch at approx.12:24a.m.EDT July 23)

For the pre-launch live coverage of
The STS-93 Launch see Schedule below

Previous Launch Status On Tuesday, July 20 1999 just seconds before launch (T-minus 8 seconds mark a member of the launch team detected a spike in one of the sensors detecting the concentration of hydrogen in the shuttle aft engine compartment. A cut off was called. The most likely problem is a sensor problem that would lead to a 48 hour scrub turnaround

As we approached launch time in the early minutes of July 22, a lightning storm caused delays, finally resulting in a 24 hour delay. The new launch time is just after midnight the 22nd or at 23:24a.m. July 23.

See Schedule of Events
Tools necessary to view the presentation!

STS-93 marks the first NASA shuttle flight commanded by a woman, as Commander Eileen Collins sets an example that can inspire today's young people to excellence. This mission is featured in Female Frontiers, a special focus that includes

  • profiles of women who have pioneered fields,
  • cross-curricular instructional materials designed for use in the 4th through 8th grade classroom (but easily adaptable to any level) with and jump-start workshop.
  • a student-touch brought to you by the Student Ambassadors
  • this series of events surrounding the launch.

The main payload is Chandra, the most sophisticated X-ray observatory ever built. It is is designed to observe X-rays from high energy regions of the universe, such as hot gas in the remnants of exploded stars. This facility was named the Chandra X-Ray Observatory in honor of the late Indian-American Nobel Laureate Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. "Chandra" also means "Moon" or "luminous" in Sanskrit.

Schedule of Events

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The video/audio links will remain inactive until ready for use.

July 19, 1999
11:00 a.m. EDT
8:00 a.m. PDT
3:00 p.m. GMT
Student Ambassadors Live from KSC!
Join our troup as they arrive at KSC and begin to experience the excitement surrounding a launch.
Read their journals as well!
Watch the Video archive!
July 19 launch scrubbed

And now...From the Launch of STS-93

Video Archive coming soon

July 21 launch scrubbed again!

Student Ambassadors Countdown to Launch

Join the Student Ambassadors as they answer questions building up to the new scrub due to weather.

Video Archive part 1 of 2
Video Archive part 2 of 2

July 22
Finally the launch!
And now...From the Launch of STS-93

Broadcast live from the Press Viewing site at Kennedy Space Center with Student Ambassadors, as this historic mission gets off the ground with Chandra onboard.

Watch the Video archive!

RealMedia Tools required to view and hear the Live Events:

Prior to Listening to or Viewing these Events you will need to Download the RealPlayer.
(This application program allows you to hear or watch the events on your computer desktop.
It is available free of charge if you follow the "free" links.)

System requirements: PC customers will need a Pentium processor or equivalent and Mac customers will need a PowerPC. For more detailed system requirements please see the Web site at http://www.real.com/products/player/g2sysreqs.html

Once you have downloaded and installed the RealPlayer on your computer, you may want to Test these MultiMedia tools prior to the event.



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