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Learning Technologies Channel
and WHRO Public Telecommunications present...

space station

space station teleconference

7th Annual
"International Space Station

Bring the International Space Station
into your Classroom!

To learn more about the 7th Annual International Space Station Teleconference, visit their website

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Schedule of Events

Program One

Feb 17, 2000 Watch the
Video Archive
Expedition 2000 The greatest international space expedition has begun! The 7th Annual International Space Station Teleconference: Expedition 2000 will take your students on a journey where math and science reach new heights! This live and interactive program will present students with real-world examples of math and science that support national Standards of Learning (SOLs) for middle through high school students.

Students will learn about teamwork and diversity by viewing scientists, engineers and astronauts who are making the International Space Station a reality.

Join Expedition 2000 as Space Station experts show you:

  • how the ISS generates electricity
  • propulsion of the station
  • monitoring of the earth and the solar system from the ISS
  • communication among astronauts and to mission control
  • how our bodies react to microgravity

The ISS Teleconference supports a broad range of educational goals and is designed for use in the classroom.
Use this program to teach about:
  • collaboration among international scientists, engineers and astronauts
  • long-duration micrgravity research
  • medical and technical advancements
  • careers in math, science and engineering

Program Two

eb 24, 2000 Watch the
Video Archive
Ventures in Space Ventures in Space Teleconference will explore strategies planned for the economic development of space. The program provides a forum for interaction between professionals who plan to participate in business opportunities in space, including utilization, operation, and the development of new capabilities for the ISS. These new ventures will expand knowledge and create economic benefits for people on Earth. A diverse panel of top NASA, university and commercial researchers, international investors, and other experts will take your questions and comments on the air.

Get briefings on:

  • Current ISS business plans and opportunities
  • Current ISS legislation for economic development
  • Current government, industry and university ISS research partnerships
  • Venture opportunities and how to participate


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