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Female Frontiers

Female Frontiers presents...

Dee O'Hara
"First Nurse to the First Astronauts"

deeLive from the Learning Technologies Channel Studio, Female Frontiers brings you a visit with a remarkable lady: Dee O'Hara, the first nurse to NASA's first astronauts. Part luck, part pluck, her career path to this job will probably surprise you. As she said, "When they asked if I wanted the job of astronaut nurse, I wasn't really sure what the job was, but I accepted." Dee O'Hara spins tales about our nations Space history with a warmth and wit that will surely captivate you. She developed a close relationship with the astronauts and their families. She says of the early launches, "It was like putting one of my best friends on a roman candle." This past fall she was invited to return for her long-time friend John Glenn's launch. You won't want to miss this hour of reminiscing about a job that no longer exists, with a chance to ask your questions. dee and child

Tuesday, March 9
11:30 am - 12:30 pm PST (2:30 pm - 3:30 pm EST)

To learn more about this remarkable woman prior to the interview and chat, read a brief biography.

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