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Learning Technologies Channel and
the U.S. Department of Education present...

"The Satellite Town Meeting"

To learn more about the US Dept of Education Satellite Town Meetings visit their website.

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Programming Schedule 1999-2000

Tuesday, September 21, 1999
08:00 PM ET
Audio Archive
Video Archive
Back to School: Rethinking America`s High Schools
Tuesday, October 19, 1999
08:00 PM ET
Video Archive
Transforming Schools and Communities: The Power of Technology
Tuesday, November 16, 1999
08:00 PM ET
Video Archive
Creating Community: Engaging Students in Civic and Character Education
Tuesday, January 18, 2000
08:00 PM ET
Video Archive
Smart from the Start: Strengthening Early Learning, From Infants to Pre-Schoolers
Tuesday, February 15, 2000
08:00 PM ET
Video Archive
Powerful Middle Schools: Influencing Teaching and Learning for Young Adolescents
Tuesday, March 21, 2000
08:00 PM ET
Video Archive
Nurturing Readers: Building and Sustaining Community Reading Programs
Tuesday, April 18, 2000
08:00 PM ET
Archive Unavailable
Multiplying Excellence: Ensuring Quality Mathematics and Science Teaching
Tuesday, May 16, 2000
08:00 PM ET
Video Archive
Connecting with Youth: High Standards and Safe Schools
Tuesday, June 20, 2000
08:00 PM ET
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Learning Everywhere - In and Out of School

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