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The Drinking Gourd Latitude chart

1 Tombigbee River
2 Tombigbee River
3 Tennessee River
4 Ohio River
5 Ohio River
6 Lake Erie

  1. Write in the six latitudes from your planetarium worksheet onto your map to freedom chart.
  2. Color the rivers blue. Trace the states along the dotted lines with a pencil. Label the names of the states. Do Not Color the States!
  3. Using the latitude and the name of the river from the above chart, mark positions 1-6 on your map of the United States with an "X" at each position.
  4. Use your red crayon; connect the "X"es with a line. This is the route of the Underground Railroad!
  5. Using your U.S. map, find the "X" for position 1. Write the name of the state or country the "X" is in on the chart above. Do the same for positions 2-6. This will complete the above chart.
  6. Color the free states and Canada light blue. Color the slave states light grey.


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