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teacher showing charts

The Drinking Gourd Latitude Chart Instructions

Most of the student instruction is located on the table sheet. Once you have explained the idea of the Underground Railroad, students will be instructed to plot one of the courses taken by the slaves on their way to freedom.

Starting with the top box on the table, have the students fill in the chart using the following information:

  • Halfway up the Tombigbee River
  • (32 degrees N Latitude)

  • Headwaters of the Tombigbee River
  • (34 degrees N Latitude)

  • Crossing hills to the Tennessee River
  • (36 degrees N Latitude)

  • Crossing the Ohio River from Kentucky to Indiana
  • (38 degrees N Latitude)

  • Near the headwaters of the Ohio River
  • (40 degrees N Latitude)

  • Reaching Canada near lake Erie
  • (42 degrees N Latitude)


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