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Peggy Motes


Margaretha (Peggy) Motes was appointed the Director of the Muncie, Indiana Community Schools Planetarium in 1995. Beginning with a renovation of the planetarium facility while continuing to conduct programs for teachers and students in Muncie, the MCS Planetarium includes an automated Spitz projector, unidirectional seating with a curved glass projection booth designed for unobstructed projection to any point on the dome with a minimum of projector noise from the disolve, all-sky, panarama, VCR, laser disc, and special effects projectors. Free transportation to and from the MCS Planetarium is provided for all school groups by the Muncie, Indiana Transit System.

Participating the the NASA sponsored Passport To Knowledge Projects students and teachers in the Muncie Community Schools were introduced to an exciting integration of science, technology, language arts, and art at the Muncie Community Schools Planetarium. An overnight camp-in with five hours of observing time during LIVE FROM THE STRATOSPHERE, Web Chats and e-mail communication with NASA scientists and researchers, exploring Mars with the RED ROVER, visiting with a JPL Galileo Program scientist, and SSIP (Space Science Involvement Program) Art Projects continue to bring the excitement of science and the thoughts of future careers with NASA to students attending programs at the Muncie Commmunity Schools Planetarium.

Peggy was born in Uvalde, Texas. After graduating from Purdue University in West LaFayette, Indiana with a degree in Elementary Education, she was employed by the Hammond, Indiana Public Schools. Completing a Master of Arts in Education with certification as a Reading Specialist and in Computer Science at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, Peggy was employed by the Muncie Community Schools at Muncie Southside High School for thirteen years. She also has taught at Mitchell Elementary School and in the Middle School Summer Remediation Program.

During the summer of 1994, she completed Project SPICA (Support Program for Instructional Competency in Astronomy) at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachsetts. She participated in the NASA NEWEST Program (NASA Educational Workshop for Elementary School Teachers) at Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. As a Life Member of the National Science Teachers Association, NSTA, Peggy has completed Beginning and Advanced Star Lab Training. A member of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association and the International Planetarium Society, she has completed additional graduate work at Ball State University, Olkahoma State University, and Wheeling Jesuit University in Astronomy, Computer Science, and Public School Adminstration. She is currently completing doctural work at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She is a member of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Exploration Education and Outreach Advisory Board and the NASA Jet Propulsion Program Jupiter Ambassador for Indiana.

Peggy, the daughter of Bill and Marge Motes, resides in Muncie, Indiana where she attends St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.


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