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Thumbnail Pictures

follow the drinking guorddg01.gif drinking guord illustration dg02.gif drinking guord illustrationdg03.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg04.gif drinking guord illustrationdg05.gif constellationdg06.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg07.gif drinking guord illustrationdg08.gif drinking guord illustrationdg09.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg10.gif drinking guord illustrationdg11.gif canis majordg12.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg13.gif drinking guord illustrationdg14.gif drinking guord illustrationdg15.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg16.gif drinking guord illustrationdg17.gif drinking guord illustrationdg18.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg19.gif drinking guord illustrationdg20.gif drinking guord illustrationdg21.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg22.gif man looking at mansedg23.gif man hammering naildg24.gif

several people around a firedg25.gif woman with basket on head = others appear afraiddg26.gif slave auctiondg27.gif

bird in a treedg29.gif family looking at constellation at nightdg30.gif looks like family fleeing at nightdg31.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg32.gif drinking guord illustrationdg33.gif drinking guord illustrationdg34.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg35.gif drinking guord illustrationdg36.gif drinking guord illustrationdg37.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg38.gif drinking guord illustrationdg39.gif drinking guord illustrationdg40.gif

drinking guord illustrationdg41.gif drinking guord illustrationdg42.gif drinking guord illustrationdg43.gif

credits dg45.gif

Now that the "slides" are loaded - click below to start the RealAudio Multimedia presentation.


The Song

Follow the drinking gourd,
Follow the drinking gourd,
For the old man is waiting
  for to carry you to freedom
if you follow the drinking gourd.

When the sun comes back,
and the first Quail calls,
Follow the drinking gourd,
For the old man is waiting
for to carry you to freedom
If you follow the drinking gourd.

The riverbank will make a very good road,
The dead trees show you the way.
Left foot, peg foot traveling on,
Following the drinking gourd.

The river ends between two hills,
Follow the drinking gourd,
There's another river on the other side,
Follow the drinking gourd.

When the great big river meets the little river,
Follow the drinking gourd.
For the old man is waiting
for to carry you to freedom
If you follow the drinking gourd.

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