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A Very Special Thanks To Everyone That Made This Day Possible!

"Follow the Drinking Gourd" Video:

  • The video is part of an entire planetarium program offered by the New Jersey State Planetarium.
  • The video is a joint production of the New Jesey State Planetarium and the Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium.
  • To learn more about this program, contact the New Jersey State Planetarium at: (609) 292-6303.

Big Dipper Clock/"The Stars That Never Set":
  • April Whitt
  • Fernbank Sceience Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Introductory and Activities Videos:

  • Performed by Peggy Motes, Coordinator, Muncie Community Schools Planetarium.
  • In cooperation with administration, teachers, students and parents of the Muncie Community School District.
  • Filmed by, Mr. Charles Ray, Audio-Visual Operations Coordinator, Muncie Central High School.

Calculations for the Star Unit:

  • Dr. Ron Kaitchuck, Astronomer, Ball State University

The Chat

  • Peggy Motes, Directory, Muncie Community Schools Planetarium
  • Mona Kessel, Space-physicist, Goddard Space Center


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