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NASA... On the Cutting Edge
A Series of Educational Live Programs

NASA... On the Cutting Edge is a series of exciting, interactive educational live shows brought to you by the NASA Teaching from Space Program at Oklahoma State University, in cooperation with OSU's Educational Television Services. These exciting programs take students and educators on electronic field trips to laboratories, classrooms, NASA Centers, and remote sites across the country to experience science, mathematics, geography, and technology in real-world settings. NASA's cutting-edge research, unique facilities and diverse workforce provide an ideal backdrop for these experiences. Viewers will be able to see how the skills they are learning in school - including teamwork, cooperation, and commitment to excellence - are used by scientists, engineers, and other professionals every day.

Find out more about these programs.

  • Archive of Program 1: Oceans in Motion! Ocean circulation - the movement of water carrying heat and matter - not only affects life in the oceans but also weather and climate around the world. Because the oceans are so expansive, covering two-thirds of Earth, the only way to study them on a broad scale is by observing them from space. NASA and its partners use this unique vantage point to measure ocean height, winds, and temperature. Come learn about these ocean features, how ocean circulation works, and the important role it plays in our lives.

  • Archive of Program 2: The Color of Oceans How blue is the deep, blue sea? Oceans are actually many shades of blue, green and even red. This spectrum of color tells us a lot about the health of our oceans, which affects life on Earth. NASA's ocean-color observations from space give us the big picture of oceans and help to understand the role oceans play in global change. Discover the excitement and importance of viewing from high above Earth this ever-changing portrait of ocean productivity, ecosystems, and human impacts.

  • Download the RealPlayer. (The application program that allows you to hear or watch the events.)
  • If you are unsure of which technologies your connectivity
    and desktop platform will support, you may want to review the
    Technical Overview for this event.
  • You may also want to Test The Technologies before the event.

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    This Quest Project Web page
    was last updated on December 3, 1998.


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