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Two Great Programs from the Challenger Center.

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PROGRAM ONE: "Houston, We have a Solution!"
Houston, We Have a Solution!tm introduces students to real-life problem solvers whose solutions give insight on how to plunge into some of the challenges of living and working in space. We'll take you to a variety of locations from A to Z (that's aqueducts to zoos) and show how different perspectives on common problems can lead to exciting solutions.

Using the video with creative-problem solving activities available to download for free off www.spaceday.com (through May 2000) or Challenger Center Online at www.challenger.org, students form teams to assume the roles of scientists and engineers working on realistic living and working in space challenges:

  • Communicating in the hostile environment of space ...without words;
  • Recycling water ...every drop...for basic survival; and
  • Staying fit...and having fun ... exercising in microgravity or "weightlessness."

    Houston, We Have a Solution!tm and the Space Day 2000 Design Challenge materials give students a taste of the work being done to tackle the challenges of living and working in space before they become problems.

  • Watch a series of three 15-minute electronic lessons inspired by the Space Day 2000 Design Challenges.

    The Water ReCycle

    Xtreme Fitness

    Space Walk Talk

    PROGRAM TWO: A Teacher Workshop
    This event, held February 23 and 24, was developed by Challenger Center for Space Science Education in conjunction with NASA Johnson Space Center Distance Learning and Education Project as part of Space Day 2000's national cooperative learning event being hosted by Challenger Center. This training was attended by 7 NASA Facilities from around the country and involved hands-on learning by the educators both pre- and post-videoconferencing.

    Space Day 2000'9s Design Challenges incorporate cooperative learning, Internet collaboration, critical thinking, and multimedia technology. The Design Challenges focus on three very real problems of living and working in space: non-verbal communication, water purity, and fitness in microgravity. The Design Challenges can be accessed at www.spaceday.com and used in your classroom as part of the Space Day 2000 activities on May 4, 2000 or throughout the school year.

    We invite you to view all or part of the teacher training workshop segments to help you better understand the method behind the Design Challenges.

    A teacher training workshop developed as part of Space Day 2000's Design Challenges.

    Welcome and a Virtual tour
    Duration: approx. 4.5 min
    Tim Reynolds and Susan Anderson

    Workshop Overview and some Words from Barbara Morgan
    Duration: approx. 4.5 min
    Anne Ireland, Challenger Center
    Barbara Morgan, Astronaut Candidate and Educator,
    Provides an introduction to the workshop and the men and women in the space program.

    Methodology and Pedagogy
    Duration: approx. 16 min
    Dr. Steven Rakow, Professor of Science Education, University of Houston-Clear Lake,
    Explains the uses of the Design Challenges in the classroom.

    Design Challenges
    Duration: approx. 47 min Dr. Bob Fitzmaurice and Emmett Durham, NASA Johnson Space Center
    Provide a detailed explanation of the Design Challenges.

    Technology/Web Component
    Duration: approx. 12.5 min
    Dr. Stanley Jones, Assistant Director, NASA'9s Classroom of the Future
    Reviews the web components developed to assist you and your students in completion of your Design Solutions.

    About Challenger Center: Challenger Center for Space Science Education is a global not-for-profit organization created by the families of the astronauts tragically lost during the last flight of the Challenger space shuttle. Dedicated to the educational spirit of that mission, Challenger Center develops Learning Centers and scholastic programs that engage students in science, math, and technology education.
    A downloadable PDF file of the Teacher's Guide to accompany the Design Challenges Visit Challenger Center for additional teacher resources or to order a video copy of these electronic lessons Moderated chats with scientists and engineers featured in Houston, We Have a Solution! are scheduled for March 7, March 14, and March 21, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET. challenger logo


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