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We are happy to bring you, from Ames Research Center,
"End of Mission" Lunar Prospector

with Host, Paul Mortfield of the Stanford SOLAR Center and Lisa Chu-Thielbar, Outreach Coordinator for Lunar Prospector

Please join us on a thrilling recap of the Mission and an exciting finale to this amazing saga.

Lunar Prospector is nearing the completion of its full 18 month primary and extended missions. Many new insights into lunar science have resulted. As the spacecraft nears the end of its useful lifetime, a bold experiment will make a final attempt to glean a last nugget of science from an already successful mission. A team of scientists led by David Golstein of the University of Texas will endeavor to smash the tiny spaccraft into a permanently shadowed south pole crater. If all goes well in this low probability, high pay-off attempt, a direct signal of water ice could be viewed by land and spacebased telescopes.

To learn more about the Lunar Prospector and End of Mission details visit their Website

Other interesting resource sites for information on Lunar Science.

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Live Broadcasts
Date/Time Event Link Description
Saturday, July 31 - noon - 1:30 pm PDT (3:00 - 4:30 pm EDT) Video Archive
After a year and a half of ground breaking science, and nearing the end of its useful lifetime, Lunar Prospector took a bold step towards furthering its science legacy by intentionally impacting a targeted south polar crater of the Moon.
During the live program, Live On The Net hosted a simulcast.

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