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Various special programs will be broadcast according to the LTC schedule. Between the scheduled LTC live events, NASA TV programming will be distributed.

Additionally, there are other ways to connect with the NASA adventure.

Sharing NASA
a series where you can peek behind the scenes and get to meet NASA's enthusiastic people.
What's Happening
a schedule of events and chats hosted by Quest 2-4

During popular NASA events, such as launches and landings, serv ers may be accessed to capacity. Current maximum capacity is for 2,300 streams. We broadcast two types of signals. The audio stream is optimized to work over a 14.4 Kbps modem - it is for sites with low-speed computers or network connections. The video s tream is designed to work over a 28.8 Kbps modem. It has been our experience that even fairly powerful machines on fast connections can only play streaming "live" video at about five frames per second. Our encoder is set for an optimized frame rate at 20 Kb. This translates to about 1 to 3 frames per second at 320 by 240 pixels.

LTC Technologies:
If you would like more details about the technologies and services provided by the LTC, feel free to peruse our review of the technologies we will use to present the information and what you will need to participate:

  • Real Media
  • You may also want to Test The Technologies

    Common Problems


    Some of our customers tell us they can't get streaming RealMedia to work because they are behind a firewall. You might be able to download these archive files and play them locally. (You may have to reconfigure your browser to handle file types that end in .ra or .rm) We are working to make our archives accessible to people behind a firewall. Please go to the archive section you are interested in. We are sorry to say this metho d only works for archives. Live RealMedia events cannot be downloaded in this manner.

    Server Not Found

    The destination server is down - try another server.

    Server Has Reached Limit for this Stream

    The limit of licenses accessing this se rver has been reached - try another server.

    Timing Delays

    Due to network congestion, buffering, encoding and o ther delays the video signal may be delayed up to one minute from the actual event. We would like to hear from you if you feel you have experienced a delay longer than one minute.

    Please send comments and suggestions to: Alan Federman, Webmaster, Kate Weisberg, LTC Project Manager, or take a web moment to fill out a customer survey.

    Archives of Past NASA TV events.

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    This Quest Project Web page
    was last updated on February 2, 1999.

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