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Turning Goals Into Reality

October 9, 1998

    Turning Goals Into Reality: Web Cast and Chat
  • Opening remarks:
    • Daniel S. Goldin, NASA Administrator
    • Jane F. Garvey, FAA Administrator
    • T.J. Glauthier, Office of Management and Budget

  • Panel discussions Three Pillars for Success
  • Archive of Morning Session:

  • Archive of the Afternoon Session:

Archive of other events which explored some of the aeronautics resources and K-12 projects at NASA.

October 6, 1998

    Quest chat featuring an expert from the Aero Design Team Online project.
  • Archive of the web chat with Frank Quinto. Facility Manager, Low-Turbulence Pressure Tunnel at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.

October 7, 1998

    Quest chats featuring experts from the Aero Design Team Online project.
  • Archive of a chat with Mark Stucky. Facility Manager, Low-Turbulence Pressure Tunnel at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.
  • Archive of a chat with Brent Nowlin. Electrical Operations Engineer at NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio.

October 8, 1998

October 14, 1998

    Introduction to K-12 Online Aeronautics Projects at NASA: Web Cast and Chat
  • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Pacific (4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Eastern)
  • During this event we will introduce you to four exciting online projects. If you are unable to join us for the entire event we have provided approximate times that will allow you to attend the portion of the program that is the most relevant to you.

    Special Note: We will be using a slightly different format to deliver the content of this presentation. If you have a 14.4Kbps connection to the Internet you may want to click on the "Presentation" links in advance of the event. This preparation will help prevent the image downloads from interrupting the delivery of the audio portion of the presentation.

    Also during this event you may need to return to this site several times to ensure that you are able to take advantage of the interactive components of these sessions. Please bookmark this page now!

    • Archive of the live 2 and a half hour presentation from the ltc studio.
    • RealMedia version of the event

  • On-line Survey: At NASA's Quest Project we provide our on-line projects and content for free. All we ask from you is a little information. Please take a few minutes to give us some feedback on the LTC event you have just attended. This information helps us improve what we offer, as well as, provides valuable information to be reported to our internal funders.

  • Download The Technologies:
    • Download the RealPlayer. (The application program that allows you to hear or watch the events.)
    • If you are unsure of which technologies your connectivity
      and desktop platform will support, you may want to review the
      Technical Overview for this event.
    • You may also want to Test The Technologies before the event.

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This Quest Project Web page
was last updated on December 3, 1998.


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