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Attending Events is Easy.
Attending events is fairly simple and exciting once you learn to interact with the Live Webcast participants in real time through the Chat Room.

There are four simple steps to follow:

  1. Download and Install Real Player
  2. Locate the "GO" Button on the Event Page with the Link to Attend the Event
  3. Click on this Link which will take you to the Chat Room for the Event
  4. Click on the Watch the Video Button in the left side bar of the Chat Room
go button, real player button, Help, feedback Locate the RealPlayer button on the Event Page and click on either Version 5.0 or Version 7 to go to the Real Networks download site. (We recommend version 5.0 for schools.)

Or simply use these links to get your Player.
Version 5.0
Version 7.0

subscribe to real player form Enter your information in the Real Player Free registration site. (Be sure to uncheck the box before "Notify me of important Real software news and offers" if you do not wish to receive unwanted solicitations.) Once you have registered you will go on to a page which asks you to select a location from which to download your player. Pick the location nearest you and download the Installer to your desktop.

After downloading the Installer from Real's Website, double click on the Installer and the application will be installed on your computer. (You may want to place an alias or shortcut on your desktop.)

Test your Player:

Listen to a sample Audio-only program

Or Watch a sample Video program.

Note: The current frame rate of this technology is 5fps, you may therefore experience a less than expected "video" quality output. You may also experience some Net Congestion and Buffering. These are inherent in the current state of this technology. We look forward, as you do, to continued improvements in this type of media delivery mechanism over the Internet.
go button Return to the Event Page and click on the GO Attend the Event link.
chat room A separate Chat Room page will open. This is where you enter a "handle" or name and place your questions for the scientists in the text box. Then click on the Refresh Screen or Submit New Message bar and your question will enter the Live Webcast to be answered while you watch.

Note: Remember to use the Refresh bar to refresh your screen occassionally. It allows you to keep up with other questions being asked in the Chat Room.
chatroom and viewer Next, Click on the "Watch the Video" button in the side bar of the Chat Room. Your Real Player will open automatically and the program will begin at the scheduled time given on the Event Page.
Note 1: Should the programming stop during the event, restart your Player as indicated in the side bar of the Chat Room.

Note 2: Prior to programming time, your Player will be displaying whatever programming is currently on NASA TV. At broadcast time NASA TV will go off the air and the Webcast will begin to Play.
survey After the program is over, Click on the "Feedback" button in the side bar of the Chat Room. A Survey page will open and allow you to give us your valued opinions and comments on the program you have just seen.
Note: Do not forget to check out the Archives for previously aired programs.


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