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Bio - Dalia McWatters,
SRTM Team Member

Dalia McWatters is a Radio Frequency Electronics Engineer. She earned her B.S. and in Electrical Engineering from Cal State Long Beach and the M.S. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. Space science and nature have always fascinated her so she studied both math and biology throughout her college years. She came to JPL in 1985 where she has continued to be fascinated by the work she does. She has worked on the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, on designing equipment to communicate with the JPL deep space probes, and on optical communications research. Dalia confesses though that the most exciting of all for her has been to be part of the team that designed, built and operated the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. She spends her spare time enjoying outdoor activities with her husband and children, and sculpting and drawing.

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